The show host tells what will happen in season 3.


After running for two seasons, the sci-fi thriller series The Order, which began in 2019, was canceled by the streaming platform Netflix this weekend.

The sad decision was announced by the showrunner of The Order, through his Twitter account and he took the opportunity to thank everyone for the support that the series obtained during the time it was aired.

As is known, The Order is one more series that joins the long list of productions that have been canceled by the transmission giant so far in 2020.

It is unfortunate that a series that captured the attention of its viewers from the moment it was released, has been canceled. In June, The Order showrunner said that the level of acceptance for season 2 was impressive.

Part of the plot of season 3 of The Order

In this sense, the comments of The Order showrunner, Dennis Heaton, generated expectations in the fans, who remained hopeful with season 3

And it is that so that the fans of The Order are not left wanting to know the fate of Alysasa, the showrunner Dennis Heaton took a moment to expand a little more the rest of the story that would have developed in this new season that should have surrender. This was what he revealed on twitter:

“Jack was going to resurrect Alyssa (who had been euthanized at the end of season 2, editor’s note) from the dead, but it was going to go wrong. Wicked as in Stephen King’s (Simetierre) Pet Sematary! Alyssa probably would have been possessed by Zecchia. And many other corpses would have returned with her … ”.


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