The Shocking Return of the Boys Pokes Fun at the MCU’s Obsession with Death


Warning: spoiler Urga K third season “Patsanov”

At the same time as Malchikov is not a problem with killing large quantities of characters, in asbore Vern Shtormov front in 3 seasons — the satirised satire of the circulation of Apostille in superhero media. It is well known that in filmah O superhero, comic book and TV show, the show Die name meaning. Hot on the stretch and many a summer in the story of the superhero happenings touchy-feely, pointy-feely and shocking death, that fact that many superheroes practically invulnerable Apostille. a symbolic rule of thumb, a rule of thumb.

They don’t change, empirically, the last summer of this, thatboob solve the Apostille problem. In the result of the satire of the 3rd season “malchikov” Takze changed his approach to smerti. How proved the shocking circulation at the beginning of the 3rd season “Malchikov”, the show won’t do the character, Kotor Urga don’t die, Takim je je’fjectigny Urga and unzidannn Urga, how the character, kotorogo kills.

Sjazannen extravay: Season 3 Malchikov: Oruzie malchika-soldata name of temn urgay SKR………..

KVM learned to die a significant death in the franchise of superheroes, and the inscrutable truk, when a lot of characters are named in the degree of protection of the plot. On the contrary, there is always a boisterous, black-comic approach to the character. For example, the events of this series are set in motion by The Boys’ parody of The Flash, A-Train, destroying an innocent civilian, making his way through the nah under the action of Compound V. The third season “Malchikov” Doljen changed his approach to the death of the main character. The show concludes this with the return of Stormfront, which refuses to give the most special villain Season 2 the dignity of a meaningful death. The ideal of the series-what abilities (with the knowledge of Fame and wealth) isolate the character from the consequences of real life, leaving ih in a poor cell.

What makes MCU death scenes so unusual for superheroes is ih’s ability to make viewers mourn characters who are usually almost invulnerable. Whether it’s because of ih enormous wealth, and almost superhuman intelligence (in the case of Iron Man) or ih world-class survival skills (in the case of Black Widow), the most significant deaths in the MCU occur with characters that viewers implicitly assume that well, you can’t kill. . On the contrary, the 3rd season “Malchikov”, bringing up the “Shtormov front”, shows the Apostille, which the series refuses, to kill the character, Kotor the Apostille viewers want to die everywhere.

A rabid white nationalist and a monstrous Nazi, Stormfront is perhaps the most reprehensible villain in the gallery of violent characters that appear in “Boys.” Show Togo, which is a huge wealth, privileges and literal knowledge of the abilities of the people who have won this in the Canberrans, let the 3rd season of “Malchikov” underline the idea of Tom, which will never cause harm to anyone. . Despite how powerless they may seem during a temporary defeat, the immoral MCU parodies of The Boys can survive almost anything and never learn anything, as evidenced by the shocking return of Stormfront.

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