The Shocking Cover of MLB The Show 23 by Jazz Chisholm Has Stirred Up Twitter


Miami Marlins star Jazz Chisholm was introduced Monday as an athlete from the cover of MLB The Show 23. Chisholm became a star in 2022, despite injury problems. He is an interesting young player with a very bright future. And certainly there is no self-confidence.

“We’ll get it! My spark can’t hold back,” Chisholm wrote on Twitter.

There was no shortage of reaction to the news on MLB’s Twitter feed.

The Atlanta Braves star and reigning NL rookie of the year was, to put it mildly, impressed.


“Jazz Chisholm, the dude who plays the game with great flair, is the athlete from the cover of MLB The Show 23. All the old dads screaming: “Act like you’ve done this before,” remain in a big rage,” wrote KingofJUCO.

Jordan Ciccelli was also pleased with MLB’s decision The Show.

“Jazz on the MLB cover: The Show 23 is so much fun. Marketing funny players with personalities? Absolutely. I’m going to light a cigar to celebrate this dubbing.”

But the others were not happy with the choice.

“OPINION: Jazz Chisholm Jr. was the wrong choice,” Dan Clark shared on Twitter.

“Julio Rodriguez or it’s a bad choice this year,” Gary Sheffield Jr. said on Twitter.

In 2022, Jazz Chisholm had only 60 games. During this period , he reduced 0,254 / 0,325 / 0,535 with 0.860 OPS and 14 home runs. Chisholm was a buddy before moving to second base last year. But it is expected that he will take over the duties of the central field in 2023. It will be interesting to see how he behaves in the outfield this season.

But if Chisholm manages to stay healthy, he should be in line for a big campaign with the Marlins.


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