The Seven Deadly Sins: Season 5 of The Anime Hits Netflix


The Seven Deadly Sins: The 5th season of The Seven Deadly Sins premiered on Netflix last Monday (28th) and is already successful. The anime is in the top 10 most viewed on the platform in Brazil and continues to draw the attention of many people.

The anime, whose original name is Nanatsu no Taizai, tells the story of the fictional kingdom of Britannia. Among the characters are the Seven Deadly Sins, a group of knights who broke up after being accused of a coup against the Kingdom of Liones.

The group’s defeat came at the hands of the Holy Knights, who stage a coup d’etat and become rulers of the kingdom. After that, Princess Elizabeth Liones, one of the main protagonists, tries to bring back the Seven Deadly Sins so that they can help her retake the kingdom.

The story is inspired by the Arthurian Cycle, which are a set of legends and literary tales that tell stories of knights in the region of Brittany and the British Isles. In addition to the medieval element, The Seven Deadly Sins mixes magic and religion in the plot.

The manga, the original material on which Netflix’s animation is based, is considered a phenomenon. In 2014, it was voted the 5th best manga to be read by a Japanese magazine. For several years straight, he even figured on the best-selling manga list.

In the audiovisual adaptation, the seasons are called: The Seven Deadly Sins (1st and has two more OVAs), Signs of the Holy War (2nd), Resurrection of the Ten Commandments (3rd and has two more OVAs), Imperial Wrath of the Gods (4th) and the Dragon Judgment (5th).

The Seven Deadly Sins: The Dragon Judgment

The 5th season of the anime is already with 12 episodes available on Netflix. The second half of the season still doesn’t have a premiere date in Brazil, despite having already been aired on Japanese broadcasters.

This will be the final year of The Seven Deadly Sins, as she adapts the rest of the original material from the manga.

Between the events of the season, the character Meliodas learns the Commandments to become the King of Demons and save Elizabeth and Ban wanders through purgatory to save his captain’s soul.

Upcoming The Seven Deadly Sins Movie

To build on the franchise’s recent success, a new movie called The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed By Light is set to open in Japan this Friday (2). The feature film will be a continuation of the events of The Trial of the Dragon.

According to the official synopsis, characters such as Meliodas, Princess Elizabeth, Zeldris, Diane, Ban, Dahlia, Dubs and Merlin will be portrayed.

The story of the film is original and was written by Nakaba Suzuki himself, the manga designer. The production does not yet have a release date for Brazil.


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