The Settlers: The Reboot Of The Saga Will Not Arrive This Month And Is Delayed Indefinitely


The Settlers: Blue Byte, responsible for the return of the legendary strategy saga, announce the indefinite delay of their new game a few days after its launch on PC. The Settlers, the reboot of the legendary strategy saga by Blue Byte and Ubisoft, delays its release date indefinitely. This has been announced by those responsible through an official statement a few days before its scheduled release date for March 17, so fans of the franchise will have to wait a little longer to enjoy their new installment. The reason? Those responsible were not happy with the quality of the title in relation to their vision, so they have decided to spend more time on its development before releasing a version with which they did not feel comfortable.

The return of The Settlers will have to wait

This has been communicated through a publication on the official account of the game on Twitter, offering a detailed explanation of the situation and without announcing a new date or launch window. As detailed by its developers, “it has become clear to our team that the quality was not yet in line with their vision”, summoning those who expected the game in just two weeks to future news.

Thus, this extra development time will be dedicated to “further improving the game and improving its quality, as our main priority for all our players. We will keep you informed in due course and we will offer you more details in the next milestones of The Settlers”, they conclude from Blue Byte, not without thanking the fans for their support and understanding.

Thus, this March is left without another video game previously announced for this month, as is the case with Little Orpheus, although in this case for a very different reason. And it is that from The Chinese Room they have preferred to postpone their game on PC and consoles after their previous arrival at Apple Arcade due to the war situation in Ukraine, since the game shows a war conflict in a Soviet science fiction framework.