The series would have a big time jump of what’s to come


Without a doubt, Better Call Saul is just as awesome as his original show Breaking Bad. All the twists and turns in the previous season sparked more hopes of a conclusion in Better Call Saul season 6.

Although the whole mystery started when Kim decided to quit her job and look for pro bono work. But, we hadn’t seen Kim on Breaking Bad. Is it because she dies in the end? Well, we can’t say anything now.

Currently, the writers are working on the plot, and anything could happen. We already discussed how Kim turned to the Dark Side route. Now it looks like Better Call Saul will have a big plot time jump to figure out a few things.

Usually each Better Call Saul season begins with Jimmy’s new life as Gene Takovic. However, Gene’s mysterious character has yet to be resolved.

But, there is a high possibility that this time Gene’s story will be unmasked. As Bob Odenkirk revealed that there is a potential time jump ahead when the story of Lalo, Mike and Gus is resolved.

He also stated that most of Better Call Saul season 6 would be depicted in Gene’s black and white afterlife. Also, it could happen that the taxi driver exposes Gene. And now she is looking for competent lawyers to save her. Where I could get in touch with Howard and Kim. Perhaps, this is how your story would be resolved.


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