The series takes a leap in the passage of time unnoticed


Season 5 of Fear The Walking Dead was set in 2013, roughly 1000 days after the outbreak began. Season 6 begins as a sequel to The Walking Dead and has enjoyed a strong return to form.

The episode “The Key” also includes a subtle time jump in Fear The Walking Dead. In the episode, Morgan claimed that his gunshot wound was inflicted five to six weeks earlier, meaning that he spent just over a month between seasons 5 and 6.

“The Key,” says John Dorie hasn’t seen June in “246 days.” June and John broke up the same night Morgan was injured, so somewhere in the first 4 episodes of Fear The Walking Dead, a time jump occurred.

Morgan appears completely cured on “The Key” while he was still limping at the end of the Fear The Walking Dead season premiere, suggesting that he has spent a long period of time of 7 months.

Also, Morgan wonders if Grace will still recognize him if the couple ever gets together. While this line is a reference to Morgan acknowledging that he hasn’t seen Grace for quite some time after they broke up on Fear The Walking Dead.

Scott M. Gimple previously confirmed that Fear The Walking Dead season 6 would comprise multiple time skips like The Walking Dead, so fans can probably expect more of these subtle time jumps.

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