The series production talks about the new role of Norman Reedus


There is no doubt that one of the most important characters in The Walking Dead is Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), since the first season he has been surprising everyone with his impeccable acting, and character evolution, however, many of the fans fear not see it again for the next installment.

Also, the name of Norman Reedus has grown thanks to his stay in the AMC drama. That is why while recording on The Walking Dead, he also does other roles in different projects, so it is possible that the next Ghost Rider to be chosen is this actor.

Possibly, his future in this zombie drama series will be affected if he decides to star in the movie Ghost Rider. All these rumors started through the Twitter platform, when a fan made an animated photoshop of Reedus as Ghost Rider.

Norman Reedus did not hesitate to “like” said tweet from that fanatic. At the moment, Ghost Rider is a popular topic on social media, and Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD actor Gabriel Luna also recently used the platform to suggest that he would be happy to return to the same role at some point.

Additionally, The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang was not far behind in expressing her enthusiasm regarding fan speculation that Norman Reedus might one day play the important role of Ghost Rider.

“I’m just saying … Norman Reedus as Ghost Rider WOULD BE great.” Angela Kang concluded with four emojis in her tweet, including fire symbols, a skull, a motorcycle, and the devil, all obvious references to Ghost Rider.

The director of content of the universe of The Walking Dead, Scott Gimple, also supported Norman Reedus, thus saying: “He already does a job on A + network.” Without a doubt, it is a great pleasure to see the entire cast supporting the talent of this wonderful actor. The second half of the latest installment of zombie fiction will be released on February 20, 2022 on AMC.