The series “New Environment” misunderstands what makes the Addams family special


A few days ago, the first trailer for the new Netflix series “Wednesday”, based on the daughter of the Addams family, was released. Some aspects are done well, but there are some obvious problems with the very premise of the Addams Family. Sleek like everything Netflix does, and closely tied to Tim Burton’s idea of having a solid production design at the end of his career, if nothing else, it fits what fans expect from a version of the famous Burton family.

However, compare Wednesday to Rob Zombie’s upcoming game in The Munsters. No matter how you feel about the latter’s visuals, there’s no denying that The Munsters feel is present. The characters look like the heroes of a 1960s TV series, the humor is free, and the surf rock soundtrack still fits. Burton’s medium, on the other hand, seems to undermine the Addams family and the very premise of the original show.


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