The series has to explain the mysteries of Lady Danbury

In Bridgerton, Simon’s (Regé-Jean Page) life mentor, Lady Danbury (Adjoa Andoh), strongly hints that she once threatened to blackmail the duke’s late father, but about what, specifically?

Bridgerton’s second episode, “Shock and Delight”, provides the strongest evidence that Lord Hastings (Richard Pepple), Simon’s father, was a cruel and despicable man.

During numerous flashback sequences in Bridgerton, Lord Hastings taunts his son’s intellect and later rejects him for a stutter. Those scenes offer an idea of ​​the main obstacles that Simon had to overcome.

They also explain why Lady Danbury (Adjoa Andoh) was so crucial in her development. Lord Hastings was really terrible, in Bridgerton he is seen insulting Lady Danbury and also calling Simon’s mentor useless.

The Bridgerton scene is thematically linked to a later scene when adult Simon visits his dying father of his and informs her that he will end the family line. However, the timing of the flashback also heavily involves Lady Danbury.

Given Lady Danbury’s demeanor, coupled with her declaration that she will not forgive Lord Hastings, Bridgerton plants a narrative seed that will undoubtedly see the light of day in season 2.

During a heart-to-heart conversation with Simon, she reminds him that she knows many things and then references the fall of her father moments after her, citing her pride as the greatest Achilles heel of the man in Bridgerton. .

Bridergton doesn’t include obvious clues about Lord Hastings’ relationships with people outside of his immediate circle, but Lady Danbury’s dialogue in the season 1 finale shows some potentially explosive revelations for the second installment.



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