The sequel to “Tron Legacy” has found its director


“Lion” director Garth Davis is doing the next part of the sci-fi franchise – with Jared Leto on board.

Disney has finally found the right way to go with the third “Tron” movie. Garth Davis, the man behind the six-time Oscar-nominated “Lion” (2016) will direct his first blockbuster.

Deadline writes that Davis fought aggressively for the job and convinced Disney with his vision. He thus takes over the torch from Joseph Kosinski, who made the 2010 “Tron Legacy”.

“Tron” from 1982 was not a great success when it came, but over the years, the film – which takes place inside a computer program – has achieved cult status. Starring Jeff Bridges returned in the sequel “Tron Legacy”, which despite some success at the cinema left Disney in doubt about how to proceed with the film series.

Maybe it’s starting to get brighter now. In addition to a new director, it has now been confirmed that Jared Leto is on board. Despite this, “Tron 3” is still waiting for the green light.


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