The secrets of BTS and the tracklist of BE, their new album


Now that BTS has revealed the songs that will be part of their new album, the theories and revelations have begun. Find out the secret behind BE’s tracklist.

Since the preparations for a new album began, the boys of Bangtan Sonyeondan shared some details of this record material with fans while holding meetings and brainstorming during online broadcasts. Although at the time it was not certain what would be part of the album, now we can put some pieces together to define what we can expect from the BE premiere.

The tracklist for this album consists of 8 melodies that appear in the following order: Life Goes On, The Way to Travel in My Room, Blue & Gray, Skit, Moment, Dis-ease, Stay and Dynamite, but you will be surprised to know that this song list hides secrets about its creation.


The tracklist was shared on a white background where we see various types of fonts, it was recently revealed that this is because the names of the songs were written by hand by the members of the group.

What is known about the songs so far? The album BE includes a melody under the name Skit, but according to the conversations that the idols had in front of ARMY, it could be an auditory sketch where they would explain the concept they followed to create this album.

On the other hand, some suggest that the song under the name Moment could also be translated as Telepathy, a word that was mentioned by RM while preparing the album and that she used to reflect how they communicate with their fans without the need for words. According to the copyright registration, this melody had the participation of RM, Jungkook and Suga for its writing.

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Another interesting detail is found in the song called Disease, since while it could reflect a story of physical discomfort, it could also represent a pun on an uncomfortable situation.

Lastly, the song under the name Blue & Gray could be the unknown song that was featured during an episode of BTS In The Soop, as the lyrics of this melody include verses that speak of both colors.

Very soon the songs of BTS and TXT will be part of a new mobile game, we will tell you the details.


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