The Secret second flashpoint of the Justice League has doomed humanity forever


A time-traveling Justice League member Booster Gold was responsible for a secret Flashpoint-style event that stole humanity’s chance to go to heaven. In fact, Booster Gold’s actions not only deprive humanity of the golden age, but also lead to a violent invasion years later.

In 2011, DC Comics published Flashpoint, a massive event that touched every corner of the DC universe. In the series, The Flash changed history, which led to darker versions of Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman, and Barry Allen had to fix everything. The flashpoint also led to the controversial reboot of the New 52, the effects of which are still being felt. However, Booster Gold, the time-traveling hero, was responsible for a similar shift in human history, which may have been even more extreme.

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A secret story similar to the “Flashpoint” occurred in Booster Gold/The Flintstones Special 2017 by Mark Russell and Rick Leonardi. At the beginning of the release, Booster Gold is on a date in Gotham City. The date doesn’t go well, and things get complicated when a reptilian alien race invades, destroying everything in its path. Using his 25th century technology, Booster learns that aliens have visited Earth in the distant past, deciding to travel back in time to find out their motives. Arriving in the past, Booster Gold sees another member of the reptilian invaders addressing a gathering of prehistoric humans, promising to introduce them to the golden age. Unfortunately, Booster accidentally materializes right above the alien messiah, lands on him and crushes him to death. As Booster continues to investigate, he learns that aliens in the present are attacking in retaliation for the death of their leader in the past. By returning to the present, he can at least convince them to stop the attack.

While the problem is played out (mostly) for laughs, the consequences of Booster’s actions are terrible, as the careless hero forever changes human history for the worse, and not for the last time. Booster learned nothing from this experience, and later changed the timeline again, saving Bruce Wayne’s parents. Many stories have focused on the inexplicable power that superheroes possess, and the ability to change the course of human events is the most disturbing variant of this, with the hero, even the Justice League has since refused to decide how to rewrite reality.

Unfortunately, unlike Flashpoint, Booster can’t fix its mistake, and while it stops the destruction of humanity, it also robs them of the golden age. Villains like Lex Luthor may oppose superheroes out of self-interest, but their arguments are hard to deny when they are accompanied by the knowledge that Booster is changing the past and is not even responsible for his catastrophic mistakes. Booster Gold is viewed by many of his contemporaries in the Justice League as an ineffective “mistake”, and killing an alien messiah in a secret Flashpoint-style event shows that they are absolutely right.