The secret character of “Black Panther 2” is a better choice of villain than Namor

The secret character of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is a better candidate for the role of a villain than Namor. Sub-Mariner, without a doubt, is the favorite for the role of the main antagonist of Black Panther. And at the moment, his inclusion in the film is no longer a secret.
As an iconic Marvel comics character and the man who is arguably the biggest hero never used in a live action movie, the Avenging Son has been the subject of numerous rumors for years. Now it seems that his absence from the MCU is coming to an end. Namora will reportedly revive Tenoch Huerta in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. It is widely believed that the film will be an adaptation of his legendary rivalry with Wakanda from Marvel comics. If this is the case, then the story of Wakanda Forever will most likely be related to the fact that the inhabitants of Wakanda will go to war with a Submariner and his underwater kingdom. With his level of strength in Marvel comics, he will surely become a dangerous enemy for them to defeat.
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No matter how powerful Namor is, “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” actually hides a character who has a much better chance of becoming the villain of the film. The leaked merchandise revealed Attuma’s MCU design, which is Namor’s nemesis at Marvel Comics. In the source material, Attuma is the hated leader of a tribe of Atlantean outcasts who have been causing Namor trouble for decades. Attuma has long had his eye on Namor’s throne and has devised several schemes to get it. His plots also led to disagreements with the Avengers several times. Based on his comic story and how he is usually characterized, it would make more sense for a truly evil character like Attuma to be the villain of Black Panther 2 than Namor, who has always been more of a disgruntled antihero with contempt for humanity. a full-fledged villain.
What could be the story of Namor “Black Panther 2” (if Attuma is a villain)
Attuma being the main villain doesn’t necessarily mean Namor won’t be Wakanda’s enemy in the movie. It may happen that Namor will be positioned as a villain, only for the characters to find out along the way that he is not their biggest threat. Attuma could pull strings to weaken Atlantis so he could launch an attack. Whatever his plan, perhaps the culmination of all this will be the epic joint work of the Wakandans, Ironheart and the Submariner Namor in an attempt to defeat Attuma and his allies. Taking back control of Atlantis (or perhaps becoming its ruler for the first time) could be a key moment in Namor’s first MCU storyline.
The creation of Attuma (not Namor) Black Panther: The villain Wakanda Forever could allow the MCU to deliver another of its signature villain twists and at the same time avoid a major problem for the future Sub-Mariner. To make Namor a villain would mean that he would probably overstep some important lines in the film, which could lead to the Submariner becoming incorrigible or unsuitable for the role of the main character. If he’s not a villain, Marvel will find it much easier to give Namor his own movie and possibly a place on the next Avengers list.