The second Ubisoft Forward already has a date


The French company decided to organize digital events to replace its traditional E3 conference, canceled by the coronavirus.

Ubisoft news will focus on a new digital event. That is something that had already been officially confirmed, although the date was still unknown. During the shareholders meeting in which the results of the first quarter of the fiscal year were presented, the French reported that the second Ubisoft Forward will be held in September. However, they have not yet specified a specific date. The company claims that it will give more data soon.

Ubisoft’s immediate future

Ubisoft Forward offered news of some of their most anticipated productions. Three of them will see the light between the end of this year and the beginning of 2021. The first of them is Watch Dogs Legion, on sale on October 29. In this third installment, which is set in a dystopian London, the protagonist will be able to hack any citizen. This means that you can control them to eliminate their enemies, but that could lead to their death, so special care will have to be taken.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will be the next to hit the market on November 17. The saga will abandon the classical world and advance in time until the 9th century of our era, in the High Middle Ages. The Viking clan led by Eivor leaves their native Norway to find a new home, where great adventures and a few wars await them. Upon landing in England they will have to break through, forge alliances and do their best to survive.

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Ubisoft’s third major project is Far Cry 6, slated for February 18. The player will go to the island of Yara, a setting inspired by Cuba that has spent years under an economic blockade. President Antón Castillo, now a dictator, will not hesitate to crush the guerrillas who try to undermine his power.

Ubisoft has projects that haven’t been shown in a while, games like Gods and Monsters, Skull and Bones, Rainbow Six Quarantine, or Beyond, Good & Evil 2. Perhaps the second Ubisoft Forward is the setting of choice for them.


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