The second season of “American Horror Stories” already looks MUCH better than the first season


The official trailer for the second season of American Horror Stories suggests that the new fears and narrative will be much better than in the first season. “American Horror Stories” is a spinoff of Ryan Murphy’s “American Horror Story,” and the new anthology even brings back characters and locations from the original. series. However, while “American Horror Story” follows one terrifying story per season, “American Horror Stories” sees a new plot in each episode.

“American Horror Story,” which debuted in 2011, produced some of the most famous horror seasons in history, and the series has already been renewed for 13 seasons. Although the first few seasons of “American Horror Story” were met with critical acclaim, the same cannot be said about the first official offshoot of “American Horror Stories”. The spin-off, which usually starred young actors unfamiliar with the family of “American Horror Story,” lacked consistency of quality between episodes, resulting in the first season of “American Horror Stories” received disappointingly mixed reviews from critics.

Despite a lackluster first season, “American Horror Stories” was renewed for a second season, perhaps due to the strength of its most popular episodes, “BA’AL” (starring Billie Lourd) and “Wild.” While the first season may not have always lived up to expectations, the trailer for the second season of “American Horror Stories” suggests a big leap in the quality of new storylines. The episode titles themselves have already demonstrated the correct use of the format, and in the second season of American Horror Stories, some of the most popular themes, such as “Bloody Mary”, were adapted, which are not suitable for a season-long story. Along with teasing the return of seasoned “American Horror Story” actors such as Dennis O’Hara and Gabourey Sidibe, the trailer for the second part of “American Horror Stories” shows an improvement in production quality, much more convoluted narratives and a step forward from over-reliance on AHS connections. seasons.

What went wrong in the first season of “American Horror Stories”

While “BA’AL” and “Feral” were considered worthy episodes, the poorly received parts of the 1st season of “American Horror Stories” seemed to have found their biggest mistake in writing storylines for teenagers. In particular, for those who returned to the “Killer House” location in the first season of AHS, the writing of teenage characters lacked content and a convincing narrative, with generally poor-quality play and very little context for introducing new characters. Given that the “Killer House” episodes seemed to pose the biggest challenges for the first season of “American Horror Stories,” it didn’t help that three of the seven episodes focused on these characters and the already exhausted AHS location.

The most important area in which the first season of American Horror Stories went wrong was the horror aspect of its storylines. “BA’AL” and “Feral” offered truly terrifying stories with thrilling performances by Billie Lourd and Cody Fern and the thrilling twists that viewers expect from the AHS spin-off, but “Drive In,” “The Naughty List” and “Killer House.” the episodes lacked these key elements. While AHS certainly used the mannerisms of the horror genre, the first season of American Horror Stories overused this exaggerated style in favor of creating truly scary stories. Nevertheless, the second season of “American Horror Stories” seems like a welcome return to form, and the episodes are already teasing with intriguing, nightmare-inducing twists.