The Season of Ghosts in Destiny 2 paves the way for Raven to become the Vanguard of Hunters


Destiny 2 add-ons and seasons continue to meaningfully develop their comprehensive stories, and Bungie is known for its incredible work in creating a world with knowledge tabs and dialogue fragments hidden in side quests. There are many characters that Destiny 2 players meet over time, and while some of them have long since left or simply haven’t returned to the spotlight, a few others have found their place in the current narrative. An example is the Crow, the Light Bearer, introduced as the main character in the “Hunting Season” with the release of the expansion “Beyond the Light” in November 2020.

However, Raven is not just a Carrier of Light, as he is a Guardian resurrected from the corpse of Uldren Owl, which means that he is easily one of the most recognizable followers of the Wanderer in existence. Uldren Sov is the infamous killer of Cade-6, the creator of Contempt, the brother of Queen Mara Sov and the curse of the Reef. So his reputation was that of a murderer when he eventually died, and it passed to Raven simply because he wore the face of Uldren, even though the Guardians have no memories of their past lives. In the stories told so far in Destiny 2, it seems that Crowe is slowly but steadily coming to the conclusion that he can be the leader of the Hunters after Cade’s death, and that makes a lot of sense.

Why “Ghost Season” makes Crowe an excellent candidate for the “Hunting Vanguard”

Since he was resurrected as a Raven, the Guardian has met many other Light Bearers and people who ended up hating him just because of Uldren’s face, not realizing that they are two very different people. Crowe really didn’t know what he was doing in his past life until Savatun showed him Uldren’s memories in the Season of the Lost. Since then, Raven has been riddled with grief and shame for what Uldren did, and his story is the story of a man who wants to become better and help others.

In the Season of Ghosts, Raven is tormented by Uldren’s Nightmare, who belittles him and tries to make him believe that they are very similar, which Raven is very afraid of. However, in the second part of the Destiny 2 Sever mission dedicated to the Raven, the Guardian finally agrees that Uldren and some of his ways will always be a part of him, no matter how hard he tries to get rid of them. It may take a long time before Crowe comes to terms with the consequences of Uldren’s actions, but he begins to take responsibility for them, which means that he is healing.

This newfound recognition led Crowe to say that he would try to take over Cade’s patrols and maybe even organize the Hunters a little with their permission. In terms of plot and character development, this makes a lot of sense, since Cade’s Vanguard challenge was that the Hunter who killed him would eventually become the leader of the Hunters in the Tower, and the story of Crowe and Uldren would have come full circle if that had happened. Destiny 2 hunters have been without their Vanguard for more than three years, and the story of Raven is the story of a young Light Bearer who learns from the mistakes of his past life and corrects them. Thus, it may take quite a bit of time before a new Hunter Vanguard appears, perhaps even before the release of the Lightfall add-on.

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