The script of the finale of season 4 of “Titans” is completed, confirms the actor of Brother Blood


Joseph Morgan, who is going to play the Brother of Blood from DC comics in season 4 of “Titans”, confirms that the script of the season finale is ready. “Titans,” one of DC’s most popular TV shows from HBO Max, is preparing to return later this year. Originally launched as a DC universe original, “Titans” is a harsh reimagining of the “Young Titans” after Dick Grayson, also known as Nightwing, who leads a group of young heroes. After season 2 of Titans, the show moved to HBO Max as DC Universe stopped making original shows and instead became a comic book service.

The third season of “Titans” was dedicated to the battle of heroes with a personal threat in the person of former ally Jason Todd, also known as the Red Hood. Although it turned out that the Scarecrow was the real villain of the third season of Titans, the fourth season will leave Gotham City behind. Currently, plot details are being kept secret, but it has been announced that several villains will appear in season 4 of Titans. Season 4 of the Titans as the DC villain Brother Blood.

Of all the actors of the fourth season of “Titans”, Morgan most often shared news about the role of the cult enemy of the “Young Titans” in several social media posts. As the production of season 4 of Titans, set in Toronto, comes to an end, Morgan shared on Twitter that the script for the season finale is officially over. Without revealing any spoilers, Morgan confirmed that he had read it, and also used a suitable GIF of his character from “Primordial” to describe the final script of season 4 of “Titans”:

Morgan Blood’s brother, aka Sebastian Sanger (rather Sebastian Blood, according to the comics), will be a regular participant in the series along with another newcomer Franca Potente, who got the role of Mae Bennett, also known as the Mother of Mayhem. According to Morgan’s previous social media posts, season 4 of Titans will feature the origin story of Sebastian becoming Brother Blood. “Titans” is now the second TV show created by Greg Berlanti to feature “Brother Blood,” as Kevin Alejandro played a more down-to-earth version of Sebastian in the second season of “Arrow.”

Since the crew is most likely now preparing to start filming the 12th episode of the 4th season of “Titans” with a ready-made script, this serves as a hint of when the new season will finally appear on HBO Max. Despite the fact that the star of “Titans” Brenton Thwaites said that season 4 will be released in October, Warner Bros. TV and HBO Max have not officially announced this. Given that the Titans won’t be going to Comic-Con in San Diego later this month, this removes one event that could indicate a premiere date. Since, judging by Morgan’s message, filming of the fourth season finale of “Titans” is likely to begin soon, we hope that the release date will appear soon.