The script for the relaunch of the show “Konstantin” for HBO Max is reportedly almost ready


It is reported that the upcoming HBO Max Constantine reboot show is almost finished with the scripts. since the studio received most of them. While John Constantine has been a major player in the Arrow Universe for the past few years, played by Matt Ryan, Hellblaser is being reimagined on HBO Max. Director J.J. Abrams and his production company Bad Robot are in the process of developing the Dark Justice League franchise, consisting of interconnected TV shows and films. After the feature film is stuck in development hell, “Dark Justice League” is being retooled into an ensemble series and the beginning of a new universe, probably beyond the DCEU.

One of the “Dark Justice League” shows that is in development is “Constantine” from Abrams and writer Guy Bolton. Unlike Constantin Ryan, the reboot will follow a younger incarnation of the DC occult detective in his early years. It is reported that the actor BIPOC will also appear in the HBO drama Max in the role of the new Konstantin. Although neither Warner Bros. nor HBO Max have confirmed (or denied), the British-Nigerian actor Ṣọpẹ Dirisu is rumored to be a candidate for the role of DC.

As Constantine is reportedly targeting an autumn production in the UK, the show is expected to arrive in 2023. A new report from The Hollywood Reporter says that the WB has “most of the scripts” for the reboot of Constantine. While it’s unclear how many episodes there will be in the first season of “Constantine,” Bolton and the writers seem to have already done most of their scripts. The report also confirms that the studio has a pilot script for another “Dark Justice League” series, executive produced by Abrams: “Madame X” with Nimue Inwood, also known as Madame Xanadu.

In addition to Konstantin and Madame X, Abrams’ Bad Robot is also producing the solo film Zatanna, and Emerald Fennell is writing the script. There were also rumors that HBO Max would be working on the Deadman project in 2021, but the studio did not confirm this. So far, shows and movies for additional members of the “Dark Justice League” have not yet been announced, but if the franchise moves forward, it is more than likely that other characters from the team will make the jump from the panel to the screen. Although Jenna Coleman is not affiliated with the Dark Justice League franchise, she will play another member of the Constantine family as Joanna Constantine in Netflix’s Sandman.

Although it’s not confirmed, it wouldn’t be a shock if the first season of “Constantine” consists of 8-13 episodes, as many HBO Max shows do these days. Since “Constantine” seems to be the first show to open up the dark universe of “Justice League,” the reboot will set the tone for the new franchise. Whether he will tease or even include other characters who will become part of the team remains to be seen. With several scenarios ready for Konstantin, the reboot is one step closer to finally becoming a reality.