The screenwriter of “Legally Blonde 3” Mindy Kaling shares thoughts about a similar daughter Reese Witherspoon, who may join her in the film

“Legally Blonde 3” is in development, and the screenwriter of “The Office” and “The Mindy Project” Mindy Kaling is behind the script. In other words, all the ideas for the sequel bypass her. One of the recent suggestions received by the actress/writer/producer is whether Reese Witherspoon-like daughter Ava Phillip could be a part of the upcoming film. What are Kalinga’s thoughts?
Looks like she’s digging it! Mindy Kaling recently worked with Reese Witherspoon’s eldest son, Deacon Philip, who starred as a guest star in her Netflix series “I’ve Never Been” (which is currently ranked number one). ExtraTV asked Kaling if she could add Ava Phillippe to Legally Blonde 3, and the comedy star replied:
Look, I think I can do anything, and if that’s what she wanted to do, what a joy that she’s involved in it.
Reese Witherspoon’s firstborn, whom she gave birth to from another actor Ryan Phillippe, is in her early 20s, which makes her about the same age as her mother when she starred in the movie Legally Blonde. What a full-circle moment it would be to see Ava Phillippe as the Blonde in Law 3 as the actress celebrates returning to her iconic role more than 20 years later, right? The couple recently had dinner together, see how Witherspoon’s daughter looks like her famous mom:
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The cherry on the cake is that Reese Witherspoon’s daughter even ordered a pink drink during their meeting. Although, as far as we know, Ava Phillippe is not engaged in acting, and she has no films or TV series. However, the young woman seems to be a very creative person, given that she has original works of art that she sells online. In addition, Philippe remains in the shadows, except that she is the daughter of a super-famous couple of actors and, of course, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, she is told how much she looks like Reese.
Deacon Philip, on the other hand, may be one of the family members who continued the tradition after plunging into the acting pool for Never Have I Ever. It was his first success, apart from the fact that he entered a music college and released a couple of songs under the name Deacon.
I’m certainly curious how Reese Witherspoon’s three children will eventually find their passion, being the children of two very popular actors. According to Kaling, Deacon Philip brought charm to the set by sending her a handwritten note after his short stay on set thanking her for the opportunity.
You can check out Deacon Phillip in “I’ve Never Been” with a Netflix subscription while we wait for “Legally Blonde 3,” which Kaling is determined not to spoil after all these years. It is currently expected to be released sometime in 2023.


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