The screenwriter of “Iron Man” threatens to kill Tony Stark for a good reason


Warning! Possible spoilers for the current ongoing Iron Man series at Marvel Comics

Writer Christopher Cantwell hilariously threatened to kill Iron Man as an act of revenge on a Marvel comics reader who bullied his son. In a tweet that went viral, Cantwell wrote that after learning that one of his son’s classmates pushed him off the top of the slide, he was a fan of Marvel comics. He joked that he was going to kill Tony Stark in the next issue of his magazine. a series with his dying words: “It’s because of Ryan.”

The status quo of Iron Man has changed significantly under the direction of Christopher Cantwell’s “Iron Man” for Marvel Comics, along with artists Kafu and Angel Unsueta. Tony Stark is trying to be the best version of himself, but he can’t do it in the right form. In the series, he had a new girlfriend in the person of Patsy Walker, he tried to make himself a God, distorted reality in accordance with his image after gaining the powers of Galactus and failed miserably in divinity after losing control. Before Iron Man said yes to Patsy Walker, Cantwell jokingly teased Tony Stark’s death for a better reason: to get revenge on his son’s bully.

Cantwell tweeted about an incident at his son’s preschool when another child, who admittedly was a Marvel comics fan, pushed his son down a slide. In response, Cantwell joked that he told his son to tell another child that if he pushed him off the slide again, Cantwell would kill Iron Man in the very next issue, and his dying words would be: “It’s because of Ryan. ” The tweet has gained more than 100 thousand likes.

A kid in my son’s kindergarten bragged about reading Marvel comics, but he also pushed my son off the top of a roller coaster, so I told my son to tell him that if this happens again, I will kill Iron Man in the next issue. and let him say when he dies, “It’s because of Ryan.”

The tweet was obviously a joke, but Cantwell added that he doesn’t have the authority to make changes without permission from Marvel Comics, which would probably convey the real revenge arc. Cantwell even wrote that, despite the fact that he was “tempted to engage in racketeering with a child’s imagination,” he would not kill Iron Man, even if it upset his son’s bully.

If Cantwell had had full control to kill Tony Stark and blame his son’s bully for it, it would have been the perfect—albeit extremely traumatic—revenge for his child being pushed off a roller coaster. But Iron Man fans and Ryan have nothing to worry about, as the hero will not be going anywhere in the near future. A humorous tweet is almost impossible to bring to life, even if it becomes a hilariously tortured way to kill Tony Stark in comics. Iron Man is safe, but Ryan better not push Cantwell’s son off the slide again, just in case, of course.