The screenwriter of “Doctor Strange 2” tells how he originally wanted to use Mr. Fantastic in the multiverse of madness


Earlier this year, Ioan Griffith and Miles Teller were joined by a new “Mr. Fantastic” actor thanks to “Doctor Strange in the multiverse of Madness.” In the Marvel movie, John Krasinski was introduced as a version of Reed Richards from Earth-838, who was a member of the Illuminati in that reality. But before he was included in the main plot, the screenwriter of Doctor Strange 2, Michael Waldron, initially wanted to use an elastic superhero in the Multiverse of madness.

Speaking about his work on Doctor Strange in the multiverse of Madness, Michael Waldron called the cameo role of Mr. Fantastic “big” in the movie “Empire” and that he “always wanted Reed Richards to be in this case.” Thus, Waldron described in the following statement how he originally added this character to the mix:

In my very first sketch, I just wrote a label saying that the events of the film are being recorded and viewed by someone in the Baxter building, and an outstretched hand appears in the frame to scroll it back.

So if Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness had gone down this creative path with Mr. Fantastic, he would not only have appeared after the completion of the main story, but we might not even have seen his face. It is also unclear from Michael Waldron’s description whether this Mr. Fantastic was still from another Earth or from Earth-616, also known as the main MCU Earth. In any case, assuming we only saw this outstretched hand, fans would be wondering who will play this version of Mr. Fantastic until the Fantastic Four reboot is released or the character appears in another Marvel Studios project.

In the end, Michael Waldron decided to include Mr. Fantastic in the Illuminati instead, along with versions of Mordo Chiwetel Ejiofor from Earth-838, Peggy Carter/Captain Carter Hayley Atwell, Maria Rambo / Captain Marvel Lashana Lynch, Blackgar Boltogon / Black Thunder Anson Mount and Charles Xavier / Professor X. John Krasinski, played by Patrick Stewart, who brought Reed Richards to life, fulfilled the wishes of many people who had admired his role for years, but, unfortunately, our time with this view of the character was short-lived. in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. When the Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch version from Earth-616 invaded the Illuminati headquarters through the body of her Earth-838 counterpart to detain America Chavez, she incinerated Mr. Fantastic with her chaos magic and killed all other Illuminati members except Mordo. .

There was no word on whether John Krasinski would play the main Mr. Fantastic in the MCU movie “Fantastic Four” or another actor would play the character, as we saw in “Loki” and “Spider-Man: there is no way home” that variants/doubles don’t always look the same. Frankly, the next Fantastic Four movie is almost completely shrouded in mystery. All we officially know is that Phase 6 will begin on November 8, 2024, and it was also recently reported that Matt Sheckman of WandaVision is in talks to direct the Fantastic Four following the departure of John Watts in April.

There are just over two years left before “Mr. Fantastic,” “The Invisible Woman,” “The Creature” and “The Human Torch” will be in the MCU spotlight, and CinemaBlend will continue to share news about how this Fantastic Four reboot is progressing. Those of you who are interested in watching Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness again or watching it for the first time can watch the movie with a Disney+ subscription.


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