The screenshot and trailer of Every HollowKnight: Silksong are published at the moment


The year 2022 was quite successful for the games. In the first few months of the year, Nintendo fans saw the release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, which was soon followed by one of the greatest games of the last decade — Elden Ring. Since then, many games have been released, from small indie to huge AAA games, which deserve a place in the list of the best games of the year. But there’s one game that’s still missing from the lineup, and it’s the one that fans have been desperate for since it was first announced back in 2019: Hollow Knight: Silksong.

Originally conceived as a DLC expansion to the critically acclaimed and beloved indie game Hollow Knight, Silksong has since turned into an independent full-fledged sequel with new locations, new bosses and a new game character. Hollow Knight: Silksong was first announced three years ago, and since then there has been a surprising lack of updates from Team Cherry developers, which has led to the sequel becoming an infamous absence from video game press conferences and presentations. Although there is no official release date yet, Hollow Knight: Silksong is definitely around the corner, and there are several trailers and screenshots worth diving into.

Hollow Knight: Silksong — trailer-announcement

Officially unveiled on February 14, 2019, this is the very first trailer for Hollow Knight: Silksong. The trailer begins with the new main character, Hornet, running away from some kind of procession. If players have passed Hollow Knight, then they will most likely remember Hornet as a character who follows them through the Hallownest. Then the trailer switches between a variety of new locations, each of which carries a creepy atmosphere, like the first game, but visually looks noticeably more impressive.

The title page states that Hollow Knight: Silksong will have a “deadly acrobatic action”, and this is immediately demonstrated when the Hornet rushes at an enemy beetle, jumps off it and is carried away. Then the puzzles and paths of the game related to the environment are briefly shown, and the Hornet can jump on walls and cling between surfaces and enemies.

Over the next 30 seconds, the trailer shows a variety of new bosses, each of which fully corresponds to the established artistic style of Hollow Knight: Silksong. The same can be said about the allies who are then shown, each of whom seems to convey the same sense of charm that was present in the original Hollow Knight, with each character having their own personality.

Then some of the brand new Hollow Knight: Silksong game mechanics are revealed, including a new quest log that will track NPC quest chains, and Hornet’s arsenal of tools that apparently ranges from bombs to throwable bugs and portable saws. The trailer then concludes with an exciting montage of thrilling boss fights, stunning landscapes and mysterious secret areas.

Hollow Knight: Silksong — Xbox Game Pass Reveal Trailer

After more than three years of radio silence, Team Cherry has finally released another look at Hollow Knight: Silksong. Debuted on June 12, 2022 on Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, the Hollow Knight: Silksong Xbox Game Pass Reveal trailer does exactly what it says on the jar, announcing that the game will go on sale on the first day.

While this trailer doesn’t reveal much more than the initial announcement, it does fit a lot into its short minute and a half. The trailer shows off several more Hornet abilities, including throwing spikes, aerial training, and deployable air traps. The game’s detour and environmental hazards are also shown in more detail: Hornet uses air vents and moving platforms to navigate various traps.

Screenshots of Hollow Knight: Silksong

The official Hollow Knight: Silksong press kit contains eleven screenshots. While these screenshots don’t really reveal anything that fans couldn’t glean from the trailers above, each image gives a great overview of what the game will look like after its final release. It seems that players will take Hornet to various places, including lush green fields, stunning flower beds with white roses and some dark and dirty streets reminiscent of the first game.

Hollow Knight: Silksong is in development for PC, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.