The scope of the Facebook Protect program expands


With its program called Protect, Facebook offers politicians or people interested in politics to protect their accounts more tightly. The social media giant is preparing to add more accounts to the coverage of this program by 2021.

Nathaniel Gleicher, the company’s cyber security policy officer, shared Facebook’s plans for Protect. Gleicher stated that celebrities, journalists and “interested” users living in countries where elections will be held soon will be protected with Protect.

With Protect, an extended protection is provided for accounts considered to be at risk. For example, within the scope of the program, it is followed more closely whether the relevant person’s account is tried to be hijacked.

Facebook also activates security key support for mobile devices to tighten security. Thus, a tighter security environment will be provided for those who access the service via mobile devices. The company will also deliver physical security keys to some well-known people.

Participation in the Facebook Protect program is still voluntary. Those who want to participate in the program are evaluated after making their applications and are accepted to the program accordingly.


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