The Science of saying “I show my love by biting”: we have explained the physiological and psychological reasons for biting love!


It often suggests why people who show their affection by biting, show affection in such a relatively cruel way, and not more gently. However, there are some physiological and psychological factors that cause the desire to love through a bite. Let’s look at the scientific explanation of the subject together.

Bites can often seem offensive to people. Instinctively, some people may want to love by biting another creature they find cute. According to anthropologist Gwen Dewar, this desire arises when we touch food that we love very much, causing dopamine (a hormone that plays a role in human emotional reactions).

This is how the bite instinct acts on nerve cells. Of course, the meaning attributed to the bite can also cause this behavior. So why do some people do this?

The bite is considered a symbol of mammalian friendship.

A research team led by Susan Perry, an anthropologist at the University of California, investigated why capuchin monkeys bite each other. The monkeys kept biting each other like rituals. Since this attracted the attention of the researchers, they wanted to see how the monkeys are socially connected to each other. These animals usually stuck their fingers in each other’s mouths during the act of biting, and this behavior was done to convey the message “I am reliable,” according to the researchers’ interpretation.

So, as you can see, the bites are not malicious or offensive to monkeys. All mammals tend to chew the udder to suck milk from their mothers’ mammary glands. According to the researchers, this behavior is natural and shows that many mammals are friendly.

A bite is actually a way of expressing emotions.

Social psychologist Dr. Oriana Aragon, in a study she conducted in 2015, claims that the reason people exhibit this behavior is because they want to express the emotions that they have inside. Sometimes our actions that we show to the external environment contradict the opposite emotions that we experience inside. For example, telling someone “I love you” and then biting that person is contradictory behavior.

Aragon says that such approaches are connected with the fact that we find something cute and feel a slight mischievous aggression towards it. However, this may not always be understood by others as we understand it. Let’s put it this way: for example, sudden squeezing of a baby, pinching of a puppy or biting of someone may not mean playful aggression for everyone.

For example, you bit your partner to show your affection in front of other people. Others may not realize that the bite was caused by your goodwill or love. As a result of the study, the researcher found that people can show such sweet aggression when they experience strong admiration. In other words, a small bite is a physiologically natural expression of these feelings.

The psychologist says that people can experience their emotions by biting another person, instead of keeping them inside when they have such feelings. Of course, it is useful to warn, do not try to bite anyone who is not your relative of the first degree of kinship. According to the psychologist, this means that you can behave this way with people like your romantic partner or best friend.


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