The School Nurse Files, new Netflix series


Netflix is ​​set for the premiere of K-Drama The School Nurse Files in September. The streaming platform continues to bet on Korean series after the boom that K-pop has had in entertainment and that has promoted drama stories. After a long wait of more than a year, this paranormal story will finally be released, whose first season promises to be a success, we tell you everything you need to know.


Through its official YouTube channel, Netflix revealed the trailer for the first season of “The School Nurse Files”, an original drama that was planned since 2018. Its premiere is scheduled for September 25, 2020 and you will be able to know the story of a priestess who has the ability to see spirit beings in the form of jellyfish. LOL

The K-Drama will consist of six episodes that will last 1 hour, Netflix wants to conquer the public with its own Korean stories, just as it did with “The King: Eternal Monarch” The plot promises to be a paranormal story, student and comedy, are you ready to meet her?


The synopsis of “The School Nurse Files” narrates the life of a woman named Ahn Eun Young, who works as a nurse in a school where she will have to face more than discomfort and injuries, because she will have to eliminate the paranormal jellyfish that will appear, alone You need an air pistol and a toy gun to do it.

Throughout the drama, she will have the help of professor “Hong In Pyo”. The trailer shows her school life and teaching first aid to the students, while she wanders through the corridors and encounters several of the spirits, scaring more than one by their strange behaviors.

Apparently, at some point, things will get out of control, as the scenes show how everyone tries to run away from something and also that jellyfish are capable of possessing people. The drama will air globally thanks to the Netflix service. Regarding the leads, the main actress, Jung Yoo Mi, participated in projects like Reply 1994 and Train to busan.

Her adventure partner is Nam Joo Hyuk, an actor in dramas like The Great Battle and The Light in Your Eyes, among others. Will they be able to combat all the evil beings that threaten to destroy school peace?


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