The scene of the boy soldier in the finale of the third season of “Boys” compared to “Supernatural”


The scene in the finale of the third season of “Boys” seems eerily similar to the scene from “Supernatural”, where both feature Jensen Ackles. Ackles became famous playing Dean Winchester in the TV series “Supernatural” for 15 seasons and more than 300 episodes. The creator of the series Eric Kripke, who also created “Boys” for Prime Video, and then chose him for the role of a Soldier in the third season, and his long-awaited debut in a new series of episodes prompted viewers to follow the “Supernatural” Easter eggs in “Boys”. .

The events of The Boys, based on the comic book of the same name, take place in a world where people with superpowers are revered, which allows them to secretly commit terrible deeds. Ackles’ Boy Soldier was introduced as a way to fight the antagonist of the series Homeland, while the Boy Soldier could take revenge on those who offended him, his former Payback super team. Ackles hadn’t read the Boys comics before taking on the role, given how different his character is in the two environments, but in a way he was ready for the role.

On Twitter, user Destiel OTP compares two images of Eccles from “Supernatural” and “Boys.” Both images are head shots from the left side of Eccles’ face, as they look off—screen and sparks are raining down on them. Image Supernatural is darker, with fewer sparks, and Eccles is clean-shaven, which gives him a more boyish look. On the contrary, the image of The Boys is much brighter, with more sparks, and Eccles has a full beard, giving him a sense of age and fatigue.

It’s interesting to compare the images to see how far Eccles has come in his career, with the sense of growth reflected in the lighting of the images. With the addition of Ackles, which greatly influenced the 3rd season of “Boys,” it’s worth comparing how his approach to the game has changed since he started acting in “Supernatural.” Ackles received recognition for his performance in the TV series “Boys”, and many called it a highlight of an already strong season.

It’s strange for actors who are so intertwined with their roles that it’s hard to imagine them doing anything else, despite their attempts to avoid casting types. Eccles was in Supernatural for so long that many of his fans will never see Dean Winchester in him, despite Ackles’ fantastic efforts to impress the Boys. After all, Ackles will always be associated with “Supernatural,” but that doesn’t detract from his outstanding work on “Boys,” which we hope will earn him a place in the show’s future storylines.