The scariest moments of the “Real Housewives” franchise


The stars of the “Real Housewives” franchise show their lives on TV, and often the cameras catch unpleasant moments that they can’t bring back. Sometimes these moments are staged or planned in advance. Ladies who need storylines create “scenes” with their colleagues in the film to cause a stir. In other cases, the stars of “Real Housewives” are simply ignorant and say offensive things that will forever remain in the film.

A lot of unpleasant moments happen when women communicate with “ordinary people”. Most real housewives are provided for and are used to being waited for with their hands and feet. During filming, some stars expect the staff to unpack things for them and throw a tantrum if they don’t have better rooms. Although in previous seasons housewives did their hair and makeup themselves, nowadays the glamorous team is sometimes part of their entourage.

Fans of “Real Housewives” like to live at the expense of actors. However, there are times when they behave so outrageously that the audience can’t help but cringe at their awkward moments. The stars of “Real Housewives” can sometimes be so out of touch with reality that they often don’t realize how ridiculous they are behaving until it becomes a widely discussed event.

RHONY Season 11: Bridie’s Safe Horizon Fundraiser

During the 11th season of RHONY, the cast of The Real Housewives of New York was invited to a charity event helping victims of sexual assault. RHONY star Ramona Singer has teamed up with Encircle NYC to raise awareness about Safe Horizon, a nonprofit organization that provides services to victims of abuse. Bridey Farrell was honored that night, and when she tried to give her speech, RHONY stars Sonya Morgan and Dorinda Medley kept talking to her. Ramona also continued to call Bridie by the wrong name, and Sonya made inappropriate jokes. Bravo producer Andy Cohen later said it was “beyond anything” he had ever seen.

RHOC Season 6: Tamra and Eddie’s Bath Scene

Many fans of the series “The Real Housewives of Orange City” are wondering what Tamra Judge was thinking about during the bathroom scene with her husband Eddie Judge in season 6. Tamra had a lot of wild moments on RHOC, and most of them were funny drunk moments with her best friend Vicky. Gunvalson. However, she tried to show the world how in love she and Eddie are by filming a steamy session in their bathtub. What was supposed to be a romantic moment turned out to be a very awkward scene that viewers are now missing. Tamra later admitted that it was embarrassing and wished she had never done it.

RHOSLC Season 2: Whitney and Justin’s Night of Sexy Colors

When Tamra thought that no one could beat her and Eddie in the bath scene, the star of “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” Whitney Rose tried to liven up the situation in the bedroom with her husband Justin Rose with paint. In the second season of RHOSLC, Whitney complained about a romantic relationship with Justin because of their busy lives. In the season finale, Whitney put on underwear for Justin and opened a bottle of champagne. Then she surprised him with a “love art”, which consisted in smearing each other with body paint. Shortly after the episode aired, Justin lost his job at LifeVantage. Although he didn’t blame it on an obscene on-screen date with Whitney on RHOSLC, many fans of “Real Housewives” believe that the cringe-worthy scene was too difficult for the audience and Justin’s employers.