The Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2022 Will Also Be Broadcast In The Metaverse


Samsung has a big day tomorrow. Its first Galaxy Unpacked of 2022 is just a few hours away from opening its doors and there are not a few who long for the possibility of seeing what the Korean firm plans to launch for the high-end. Now, most mortals will settle for seeing the event live through the different options offered by the company, but the truth is that there is an additional way: see the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2022 in the metaverse.

Yes, Samsung will broadcast the event in the metaverse

One of the things that is having more and more impact in the world of technology is the metaverse. Meta is the one that is most influencing this space and we may see great things in the future. But today it is time to talk about what has already been built and what can be done within this virtual space where you can even attend events.

As long as it is possible, there are users who create from art galleries with NFT to massive events like the one that Samsung wants to show in the metaverse. We do not have to go very far since we are talking about the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2022, which will be broadcast live and direct even in the metaverse.

This is the first event of the firm that will do so in its own virtual offices. It is a virtual building that receives the name of Samsung 837X. You can access as a normal user, but you will not have the possibilities that those who have started their session with their digital wallet. In this sense, you can only sit and watch in digital format the same video that all Internet users will see at the same time. The only big difference is that you will be living from your virtual seat the entire conference.

Let us remember that in this event we will see two key products. On the one hand, there will be the mobiles of the Galaxy S22 family that will bring a new avant-garde line to the company for the high-end. On the other hand, we will see the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 with its Ultra version, a new variant that is called to be the most powerful of the entire range.