The same person theory of Frank Randall and Black Jack


Many of the viewers of the Outlander series maintain their position on Frank Randall and Black Jack who are the same person, but they do so for various reasons that could explain the connection between both characters. Could it be true?

It may sound very outlandish that Black Jack and Frank Randall are the same person, but according to the opinions of Outlander fans, this outlandish theory could be reality and this is why.

When the Outlander series began, the producers made the decision that the actor who played Frank Randall should be the same for Black Jack. Since according to the books the two characters are described as exactly the same.

The theory is that Frank Randall was able to travel back in time and fight in Culloden to find a way to kill Jamie, because if Frank died in a car accident, why didn’t they show scenes of the accident or the car or the specific damage in her body.

Frank managed to survive in Culloden and travel back to the future in order to find Claire and as revenge, he raise Jamie’s daughter and have his wife for himself. The evidence that could support this theory is in the rules of time travel for the trip of 200 years ago.

Although this theory may seem very extreme to everyone, since the two characters are dead and missing in both the show and the books. The writer Gabaldon, however, may perhaps have some kind of surprising twist for her upcoming novels.

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