The saddest character of Elden Ring is one of the most secret boss battles


Deep in the Crumbling Farum Azul in the Elden Ring is the secret entrance to one of the saddest bosses of the game: the Dragon Lord Placidusax. There are many Elden Ring bosses that players should sympathize with, and most of the game’s history is full of tragedies. Placidusax, however, causes exceptional depression, starting with his decrepit body and ending with the fact that little is known about his pathetic backstory.

The Dragon Lord is located in the lowest part of the Crumbling Farum of Azula, it can be reached from a rather harmless dead-end track of floating broken structures. The player must lie down on the floor to be sucked into a raging storm, where the debris gathers again to create Placidusax’s domain. The dragon is curled up in the middle of a dull foggy arena, surrounded by a violent thunderstorm, from which ashes are falling.

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According to the plot of the game, the world is recovering after the brutal Destructive war of the Elden Ring, and almost all the main boss characters are still suffering from its consequences. However, the description of the Dragon Lord Placidusax states that he was a Lord of the Ancients “in the era before the Erdtree.” The god he once served has disappeared, leaving him to wait for his return in the midst of a storm, somehow removed from the flow of time. One can only guess how long the Dragon Lord waited in this timeless space, but considering that he was the Lord of the Ancients before Godfrey (who is controversially called the “First Lord of the Ancients”), it probably took many years.

Dragonlord Placidusax from Elden Ring is the saddest boss of the game

In a YouTube video created by the witch Zully, the appearance of Placidusax is examined in detail, and it becomes clear how low the once majestic dragon has fallen. Even at first glance, the saddest of the many Elden Ring bosses looks pathetic at best: his scales are cracked, discolored and have become like stone; his wings are torn and broken; pieces of flesh are missing all over his body. Placidusax has two remaining heads and three necks that end in scarred stumps, suggesting that three of its heads have been removed, and the tip of its tail is also clearly cut off. It is unknown how the Dragon Lord ended up in such a sad state, but whether it was due to the passage of time or a cruel injury, his destructive condition makes even the most unhappy characters seem better compared to him.

Little is known about Placidusax, but he seems to have come from the time when dragons ruled the world, before Queen Marika became ruler of the Midlands, and Godfrey of the Elden Ring became Hoara Lux. The weapon obtained from his memories—the Dragon King’s Rock Blade—gives a little more information. His description states that he “has tremendous power over the insignificant, mortal dragons of today,” suggesting that the dragons in the time of Placidusax were much stronger, perhaps even immortal. The more modern Elden Ring dragons themselves are no joke, so it’s hard to imagine what they could have been in their prime, which makes the current state of the old dragon king even more sad.