The sad amount Lotte Verbeek earned from the drama


All Outlander fans are looking forward to season 6, so some are wondering if they will see actress Lotte Verbeek as Geillis Duncan again. But, this was what the actress won for the series.

Dutch actress Lotte Verbeek joined Outlander in season one as the mysterious Geillis Duncan, whom Claire Fraser encountered in Castle Leoch.

Although Geillis was more of a minor figure, she certainly made an impression on viewers during her time on Outlander, something that would have influenced Verbeek’s salary.

Before landing the role of Verbeek, she had an important role in the series The Borgias as Giulia Farnese, which means that she was already known to international audiences.

According to a report by Variety, in 2017 it suggested that leads Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan managed to earn $ 100,000 for each episode of Outlander. While Verbeek, it was much less.

It is possible that they had less than this figure when Outlander was first released, so Verbeek’s salary is likely less than this amount as well, estimated to have been at least $ 40,000 per episode in which she appeared.

However, if Verbeek reprises her role on Outlander in the future, she could be in line for a pay raise in part, as she has now become an established villain on the show whom fans love to hate.

Everyone is waiting for the start of production on Outlander season 6, so they want to return to the actress with her role as Geillis Duncan once more.


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