The Royal family says Prince Harry can never be a “replacement” even if the monarchy loses color


The Imperial family has always been persistent in breaking news of one of their own. Needless to say, after Lady Diana, his second son became the scapegoat. The rifts between the Crown of the United Kingdom and their estranged son, Prince Harry, have begun to deepen. After the Duke’s abdication from the sovereign with his wife Meghan Markle, the relations of both sides hang on a narrow thread.

Previously, there have been countless reports that the Prince may not get the chance to attend the coronation of King Charles. There were also rumors that Harry and Markle declined the Palace’s Christmas invitation for a year. Now in the latest reports there is another important news that the palace can never count on Prince Harry.

Prince Harry will never be able to hold the post of State Council under the monarchy

Royal insiders have once again leaked another important piece of information from the Palace. It is reported that the royal family will never ask Prince Harry to replace him, even if King Charles III falls ill. Sources told the House of Lords that the proposal would serve as a “workable solution” to keep the administration running. The removal of Prince Harry from the post of a member of the State Council is allegedly a safety net that guarantees the continuation of the government.

While a sudden set of rules was imposed by the palace, the same was said about Prince Andrew. The remainder of the members who are still eligible for the Council of State includes two of them: Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, and Princess Anne, the 16th in the line of succession. The same article later mentions that a non-working member of the royal family will never be able to replace King Charles III. This was done as a notification from Buckingham Palace to the government.

Although Harry greatly exceeds the second condition, he will still never be able to serve in the same position. The Council of State, although not as important as the king, is still an important organ of the monarchy. He is entrusted with the work of approving legislation, approving and approving official documents, and so on. Alas, Prince Harry can never be considered the same.

After leaving the palace, the couple moved to the United States of America. They currently live in California, Montecito has two children and is busy with her own schedule.

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