The Rose’s Hajoon is ready to start his military service


The Rose drummer will join the army to fulfill his service, but before he said a few words to his fans. Fans of The Rose were in for a surprise with Hanjoon’s new update on their social media. The idol announced the date for his enlistment and also shared some of his thoughts right now.

During the month of July, Dojoon announced the beginning of his military service. Soon enough, Hajoon will follow in his groupmate’s footsteps, but before doing so, he took to his Instagram account to post some images. One of them is a letter written in Korean and English with a message for his fans.

The 1994-born idol shared some news about his plans for the future, noting that he will begin his military service very soon.

Lee Ha Joon appreciated the support and affection that fans have given him and the group’s work, but also mentioned that he would have liked to meet with his fans before the time of his enlistment, however that was not possible due to circumstances. .

I will always cherish our memories and will return safe and sound.

Additionally, the idol noted that he would make the most of this experience, and will later return as a more mature person, ready to show more music alongside The Rose.


The letter that the idol group’s drummer posted also points out some interesting facts that fans will probably want to know. Hanjoon will begin his service on October 12, so he will surely dedicate these days to fulfilling some pending tasks and will make the most of the time.

If you wonder what he is doing as a member of the military, this idol revealed that he will be part of the Army Air Force. Wow


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