The Rookie: The character who fooled everyone and ended up being killed off in the drama


The first seasons of the police series, The Rookie, surprised all viewers with a character who was appearing to be one of the best for his great kindness and willingness to help everyone. However, his backstory led to certain death after his true intentions were revealed.

During the second season of The Rookie, viewers met Nick Armstrong (played by Harold Perrineau), a detective who joined the Mid-Wilshire Division as a “night general”, who works the night shift to help officers. on patrol with the cases they must face at such dangerous hours in the city of Los Angeles.

From the first moment it is introduced we see the favorite character of The Rookie, John Nolan (Nathan Fillion) interested in detective Nick Armstrong, to receive the advice and wisdom to be like him. But even though Armstrong was previously assigned to Division 77 for ten years; He took on the night job after his wife died five years earlier.

However, Nick Armstrong spends the entirety of the second season of The Rookie convincing both Nolan and the audience that he was trustworthy, endearing himself to everyone. Although he makes some questionable decisions when he first introduces himself, his actions are easily explained and ignored by the end result he got.

But, Nick Armstrong does so many noble things that somehow it’s hard to believe he’s been a villain all along. His kindness is clearly a way of deflecting suspicion, but he trades his life for that of Officer Lucy (Melissa O’Neil) when he is almost found out, but episodes later it is revealed that he had always been a criminal acting in the shadows of Los Angeles police.

In the final episodes of the second season of The Rookie, it is revealed that Nick Armstrong was actually a corrupt cop, who provides Bureau secrets to a gang and ends up making his partner Lucy practically kill herself so she would keep the secret of what happened. that he really was. But, Nola realizes everything he was doing and confronts him, shooting him and sending him to the hospital.

After big turns and Nick Armstrong’s escape from the hospital, Officer Nolan discovers the location of the gang Armstrong is with and offers to wear a wire and pretend he wants to deal with the gang. But after a lengthy argument and attempted murder of Nolan, the gang shoots them both, dropping Detective Armstrong to his death in an epic scene that brought tears to some confident viewers who believed him to be a good officer.