The Rookie Season 4: Final episode confirms what we suspected about Lucy and Tim


Season 4 of The Rookie began its debut in September 2021 on the ABC television network. Now after several months of broadcasting, its final episode has surprised all viewers with the shocking twist it had. Especially for Lucy Chen (played by Melissa O’Neil) and Tim Bradford (Eric Winter), who shared a beautiful moment together. Spoiler alert!

For some time now, the police drama The Rookie has been showing little sparks between Lucy Chen and Tim Bradford. In fact, even viewers of the drama have dubbed the two “Chenford” after the series continued to show how compatible they were, but refused to pair them. But, after the end of season 4 it seems that things are about to change.

The beginning of the fourth season of the program, began with small rapprochements between Lucy and Tim, but they increased as the episodes progressed. So the final episode of the installment revealed that both will no longer look the same for the next installment when the two shared a passionate kiss.

Earlier in the final episode of The Rookie season 4, police officers Tim and Lucy had met to discuss their assigned mission. Infiltrate and work undercover to take down drug dealers. But, it was here that they both kissed, though she wasn’t satisfied, she asked if that was it and then pulled him in to give Tim a real kiss.

When both officers had started with the Los Angeles Police Department as rookies, their journey to romance was entertaining, but not safe. A few times, the show revealed various clues, including Tim Bradford broadcasting a promotion to finish Lucy’s training. Another of the great moments they had was in the third season, with a night hug when they were scared after Detective Lopez (Alyssa Diaz) had been kidnapped.

Interestingly, their relationship could get them into trouble at the LAPD when her superiors find out about their affair. Which means that both of them could be changed departments, to avoid problems when fulfilling their duty.

Now, it only remains to wait for the development of season 5 of The Rookie, to see what will happen to them and if they will establish a relationship. The ABC television network has already confirmed its renewal, so the production of it will begin in July as it has been revealed.