The Rookie Season 4: Final episode confirms the return of Nolan’s brother


ABC’s popular police drama The Rookie doesn’t stop at surprising all viewers who enjoy the quirky missions of rookie officer John Nolan (played by Nathan Fillion). Although the fourth season confirmed his rise, the final episodes set up for a shocking plot twist for the show, most notably with the return of his brother Pete (Pete Davidson).

The Rookie follows the story of rookie LAPD officer John Nolan, who joined the department at the age of 40. Throughout the fourth season of the drama, viewers watched as Nolan ditched his rookie tag and was promoted to Police Officer II. So he is now looking for a new promotion as a trainer for new recruits.

As Nolan progresses through his progress at the police station, viewers have been surprised by the information that has been revealed with the final episode of season 4 of The Rookie, after the brother’s return was confirmed in the promotional video. of Nolan in a situation that could get him into trouble.

After Nolan’s rise, he began hanging out with Lucy Chen (Melissa O’Neil) on patrol, but a turn in the later episodes and her romantic relationship with Tim (Eric Winter), where they seek to have a honeymoon. But, given her feelings of not looking for something serious, he makes it clear to her that he does not want marriage or children, although this relieves Tim, it also leaves some doubts about what they both really want for her future.

However, the promotional video for the final episode of The Rookie Season 4 shows Nolan stopping to help a vehicle that appeared to have broken down while he was on his way to a mission in the Mexican border area. But, he realizes that the person who was in the vehicle was his brother, Pete, and he runs away scared.

Although in the video Pete is seen returning with Nolan again, it has not yet been revealed why Pete was unexpectedly returning, as he was also with a mysterious lady and preferred to leave her alone to leave. The reality is that the last times his brother appeared by surprise, it was never for good reasons and the episode would take an unpredictable turn.

The final episode of the fourth season of The Rookie is expected to premiere this Sunday, May 15, 2022 on the ABC television network. Fortunately, the police drama has already been renewed for its fifth installment and production will begin in July of this year, to be ready for release in September.