The Rookie Season 4: 2 key characters join the cast and the next spin-off


The Rookie, ABC’s dramatic police series, first aired in October 2019 when it appeared with its first season following the life of John Nolan (Nathan Fillion), whose dream was to become a police officer. Los Angeles police.

The critically acclaimed series that has garnered immense fan support over the past three years launched its fourth season last September, and as it moves forward on ABC with new episodes every week on Sunday on ABC, its cast it keeps expanding. The Rookie has just included two characters in his story.

This week the arrival of Kat Foster and Felix Solis was announced to play new characters in two integrated episodes of season 4 of The Rookie. So far, what these installments will be has not been revealed, but it is known that their stories are key as they will be paving the way for an upcoming series derived from the program.

The yet-to-be-named spin-off of The Rookie is set to air next season, and according to recent reports it will star Kat Foster and Felix Solis. For her part, Foster, who is known for her roles in Gaslit, CSI: Vegas, Accommodations, First One In and Barry, will be playing Special Agent Casey Fox.

According to the character description coming to The Rookie, Special Agent Fox has been on the job for five years and has found success by being smart and working as a team. She follows the rules from start to finish, she knows how to run the system to get the best assignments. As a training agent, she is determined to instill conformity in her trainees, as she believes the key to surviving and thriving is fitting in and getting ahead.

Solis will also be playing special agent Matthew Garza, who is a twenty-year veteran of the FBI. He is a true believer in the “agency way” and has been throughout his career. While Fox is early in his career, Garza is preparing for his next chapter as the senior agent is about to be promoted to a leadership role.

According to the details about Felix Solis’ character in The Rookie, he is described as tough, smart, and overly cocky. The actor’s previous credits include the Netflix crime drama Ozark, where he played Omar Navarro. He also appeared in Charmed in which he played Ray Vera.