The Rookie: First video of the new spin-off that will have the ABC police drama


The Rookie series is expanding more and more and not only for its fifth season that is on the way, but also for the spin-off that ABC is preparing and that will star the star of Claws, Niecy Nash. Who was introduced in the last episodes of the show’s fourth installment as Simone Clark.

During the final episodes of the fourth season of The Rookie, viewers were treated to a multi-part special. Where Niecy Nash was introduced as FBI rookie Simone Clark. The actress was joined by Nathan Fillion who also plays main series rookie John Nolan. These episodes served as pilots for the new spin-off being prepared by ABC.

The appearance of Simone Clark with John Nolan, occurred after an attack on the main power station in the city of Los Angeles. Reason for which the FBI had to intervene, bringing its new and experienced agents to solve the case because it was a terrorist issue. However, the police would also be a fundamental part of this fact and they needed everyone’s support.

However, both police rookie John Nolan and FBI rookie Simone Clark were put together to patrol the streets and find clues. Resulting in hilarious moments that viewers were able to enjoy ahead of The Rookie season 4 finale.

Now, after the success of the two pilot episodes in the season of The Rookie, the ABC television network confirmed that a spin-off of the police drama that continues to be highly successful would be made. In fact, the network has finally revealed the first trailer for the show’s expansion.

The Rookie: Feds Trailer

Although the scenes that actress Niecy Nash had with Nathan Fillion in the fourth season were shown, her name was confirmed. The new spin-off of The Rookie, will be called The Rookie: Feds, which will follow the adventures of the star as Simone Clark, the rookie of legal age of the FBI.

The Rookie: Feds also stars Frankie Faison as Christopher “Cutty” Clark and Felix Solis as Special Agent Matthew Garza. Interestingly, the ABC television network did not reveal the release date, but it will surely be the same day as The Rookie season 5 premiere.