The romantic intrigue of the fifth season of “Cobra Kai” is great news for fans of Sam LaRusso


Sam LaRusso’s romantic endeavors got an uncertain ending in season 4, but in season 5, Cobra Kai has a promising future based on some interesting events that Mary Mauser (who plays Sam) teased about her character’s future with Robbie Keane. History repeats itself in the fifth season of Cobra Kai, when outsider Eli stuns everyone by winning the All-Valley Tournament for Miyagi to Daniel LaRusso. However, things are not so smooth and joyful for Daniel’s team, as Terry Silver uses his evil skill to still have an advantage over Miyagi Do. Because of this brewing rivalry, many characters find themselves at odds with each other again and again. Meanwhile, others like Robbie and Miguel are finding their way home, both literally and figuratively.

Sam’s arch takes an interesting twist to the season 4 finale of Cobra Kai. Instead of sticking to her father’s defensive fighting style, she hones her attacking skills by adopting Johnny as her sensei and adopting some of his Eagle Fang techniques. While her karate skills grow from strength to strength, her complicated relationship with Robbie, Miguel and Tori turns into turmoil. She is upset about the union of Robbie and Tori, but refuses to admit it to Miguel. On the other hand, Miguel seems to have also distanced himself when he decided to leave for Mexico in the final moments of the season. Sam’s complicated love triangle has divided fans, and it’s hard not to wonder who she’ll end up with.

Mary Mauser spoke about Samantha’s future romance in an interview, saying that “people will be happy.” She further added that, in addition to her relationship, Sam LaRusso will have “much bigger fish to fry than the boys” in season 5 of Cobra Kai. because she has yet to diligently research her family’s legacy. This could mean that fans sending her and Robbie will eventually see some positive shifts in their relationship. However, given Cobra Kai’s brilliant writing, their burgeoning romance will be accompanied by its own set of high-stakes emotional drama and karate fights.

Will Sam and Robbie be together in season 5 of Cobra Kai?

According to Mary Mauser, her character still has a lot to unravel and self-actualize before she can take her karate to a new level and potentially calm down either for Robbie or for Miguel. However, it is likely that when Miguel is out of town, Sam will get the opportunity to spend more time with Robbie and maybe even revive his old relationship with him. Given that Robbie also gives good advice in the season 4 finale of “Cobra Kai” and finally learns to forgive his father for his past mistakes, he can do the same with Sam and give their relationship another chance. However, at the moment their relationship is in a threshold space where their stars simply did not converge.

The statement that “people will be happy” with Sam’s decisions indicates that the uncertainty surrounding her relationship will not remain shrouded in mystery for long. But no matter what the future holds for her heroine, Samantha’s upcoming arc promises to be rife with melodrama and action. As the scars from her disappointing All Valley result are still fresh from season 4, she will find herself deeper into the impending crisis of her relationships and emotions before she can become a stronger fighter in season 5 of Cobra Kai.


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