The Rock launches The Scorpion King movie


Actor Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, has announced that he is working on a reboot of The Scorpion King franchise, spin-off film from The Mummy.

In 2001, this was The Rock’s first major work in theaters, playing the character Scorpion King in the film The Return of the Mummy. The following year, the character won a solo film as a spin-off from the main franchise.

According to the information, The Rock will not play the protagonist of the production, but will act as an executive producer for Seven Bucks Productions, a company co-created by Johnson alongside Dany Garcia, who will also work on the reboot. However, the expectation is that the actor can make at least one appearance in the new film.

Universal Pictures has already cast Jonathan Herman, nominated for an Oscar for Straight Outta Compton: The N.W.A. Story, to write the script for the reboot.

The Rock commented on the resumption of the franchise in theaters: “The Scorpion King was my first role in theaters and I am honored and excited to reimagine and deliver this mythology to a new generation. I wouldn’t have the career I had if it weren’t for this movie. I am thrilled that we at Seven Bucks Productions can help create these same opportunities for other actors who work hard today. I believe that Jonathan Herman will work hard to deliver a fantastic script to our global audience ”.

Dany Garcia also spoke about the new production: “The original Scorpion King was a crucial catalyst helping to launch us into the world of cinema. Being able to produce the next iteration now is a special and complete moment ”.

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The new version of The Scorpion King is not yet scheduled to open in theaters.


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