The Rock Is Working On A New Movie Based On The ‘Secret’ Game


The Rock: Actor Dwayne Johnson, the famous The Rock, revealed this Tuesday (25) that he is working on a new ‘secret’ project that involves a movie based on a video game. Without revealing what the title is, The Rock said he is a big fan of the Madden video game franchise, but it is unknown if the game has anything to do with the project.

Fans believe he may have possible ties to Microsoft and Xbox games – due to his good relationship with the company.

“We’re going to bring one of the biggest, most amazing games to the screen – one I’ve played for years,” Johnson said in an interview with the Men’s Journal.

“I can’t say which particular game we’re making, but there will be an announcement this year. I’m really excited to bring it to fans around the world. And of course we’re going to do right by our gamer friends — but we’re really just going to make a great movie”, he concluded.

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This isn’t the first time Johnson has partnered with game developers. In 2005, the actor starred in Doom: Door to Hell, based on the eponymous first-person shooter game series. In 2018, The Rock was cast to play Davis Okoye in the movie Rampage: Total Destruction.