The Rock: Dwayne Johnson Releases Rap Music; Listen!


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson released a rap appearance on Tech N9ne’s song “Face Off”. This is the first time he has recorded a song outside of a movie (like he did for Disney’s Moana) since the days of WWF The Music Vol 5.

The Rock is one of several artists featured on Tech N9ne’s new song, with its verse starting just under three minutes. The music video, by the way, shows the actor and former fighter training at the gym and the song fits with some of the scenes shown in the clip.

This isn’t the first time the actor has immersed himself in the world of hip-hop. He also made the final WWF track The Music Vol 5, called “Pie”, performed by the actor with Slick Rick and co-written by Ricky Waters and Brian Gewirtz.

The Rock’s rap experience – today – has contributed to her immense success as a movie star. In 2016’s Moana, the lyrics to “You’re Welcome” include several hip hop snippets that he channeled into a 2020 viral video while teaching one of his daughters to properly wash her hands to stay safe during the pandemic covid. -19.


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