The richest idols in the K-Pop industry


The stars of the K-Pop world manage to accumulate huge profits. The work of K-Pop idols is not easy, but when they manage to shine in this industry, the reward is incredible.

In order to debut as a member of a group or as a solo artist in Korean music, most artists must go through a long training process, but even after their debut, the situation can be complicated.

That is why idols must remain constant when it comes to showing their talent and evolving, presenting new concepts and songs that manage to hook the public. When they achieve that goal, the success of the idols is reflected in their popularity, but also in their fortune.

Here we tell you who are some of the richest idols in K-Pop and how much their fortune amounts to.


PSY became a star while part of YG Entertainment, yet him success and creativity were so extensive that he was later able to form him own entertainment company. Him estate is estimated to be around $ 65 million.


Rain is another of the K-Pop legends who collaborated in expanding the popularity of this musical genre, its popularity in various parts of Asia led to it achieving a net worth of around $ 40 million.

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Another YG Entertainment star that garnered worldwide recognition was G-Dragon, the leader of the legendary group BIGBANG owns a fortune of $ 45 million.

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Among the Super Junior members, Siwon is the one with the most fortune. This idol has worked for many years in the entertainment industry and is estimated to have a net worth of around $ 35 million.


The K-Pop girls are not far behind, the former Fin.KL member has managed to acquire a net worth of approximately $ 36 million, being one of the richest idols in the K-Pop industry.


For her part, the former member of 2NE1 has also reached a high figure in her assets, since her fortune amounts to 32 million dollars.

Kim Jaejoong
But out of all the idols, the former TVXQ member ranks as one of the wealthiest with a fortune of $ 80 million thanks to all the domains in which he has developed and his ability to invest.

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