The Revival of Surreal Life on VH1: An Updated List of Actors, Including Dennis Rodman


Everything old is new again. VH1 combines the current trend of rebooting television with the ever-growing nostalgia of the 90s for the (seemingly inevitable) revival of the always ridiculous reality show The Surreal Life. As fans remember, the series gathers a group of celebrities — often with eccentric and unique personalities — and gathers everyone together in one house for two weeks of trials, both planned and unforeseen. The show originally lasted six seasons, premiered in 2003 on WB, and then eventually moved to VH1, where it received its share of spin-offs such as “Taste of Love”, “Rock of Love”, “I Love New York” and “My Beautiful Brady”. several. Among the celebrities from the original edition were rapper MC Hammer, former MLB star Jose Canseco and the late Austin Powers actor Vern Troyer.

After a 16-year hiatus, “Surreal Life” returned in October 2022 with a seventh season and a new celebrity house featuring some of the most prominent basketball players, professional wrestlers, sitcom stars of the early 2000s, the main characters of reality shows, and someone who was at the center of one of the biggest political scandals in recent memory. Let’s get to know the cast of “Surreal Life”…

Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman is as famous for his flamboyant personality as he is for his talent on the basketball court. The antics of a bad guy from the NBA, who for a long time wore numerous piercings and tattoos, as well as constantly changing hair color, were featured in the 2020 Chicago Bulls documentary series “The Last Dance”. Over the years, he also had high-profile affairs with Madonna and actress Carmen Electra, and he even became a professional wrestler, teaming up with Hulk Hogan several times in the late 1990s. Perhaps the most unexpected of Rodman’s actions was his friendship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Life doesn’t get any more surreal than Rodman’s; perhaps that’s why there’s a film about his life in the works.

Stormy Daniels

Adult film star and director Stormy Daniels was often mentioned in the news a few years ago after she accused former President Donald Trump and his lawyer of paying her $130,000 to keep quiet about an affair that allegedly occurred in 2006. The U.S. Senate in her home state of Louisiana, the Washington Post reports. Outside of the world of politics, she appeared in the films “A Little Pregnant” and “40-year-old Virgin”, as well as on the small screen, talking shoulder to shoulder with the cast of Party Down.

August Alsina

August Alsina is an R&B artist whose third studio album The Product III: State of Emergency was released in 2020. But more than his music, Alsina’s name became a household name in the same year after he spoke in detail about his affair with Jada Pinkett. Smith. The singer especially raised eyebrows, saying that Will Smith gave his blessing to the continuation of the relationship, and although the Smiths initially denied that there was an “entanglement”, Pinkett Smith later admitted that she started a relationship with Alsina when she and the Fresh Prince We don’t live together. Smith continued to deny that he had given permission, so it is assumed that this topic will come up at least once in “Surreal Life”. Considering that Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars in March 2022, and rumors that Alsina wrote a candid story about this novel, the inclusion of the singer in the cast may lead to several more iconic moments.

Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton, R&B singer and younger sister of Toni Braxton, is familiar with reality TV. She was featured with her sisters in the WE program “Braxton Family Values” and apparently performed in the spin-off “Tamar and Vince”. She also participated in RuPaul’s drag racing, Dancing with the Stars (which she had to leave due to health problems) and the second season of Celebrity Big Brother, which made Braxton’s former housemate Joey Lawrence less than complimentary to the eventual winner. Over the past few years, the singer has gone through difficult times, as in July 2020 she turned to an apparent suicide attempt, and a few months later her boyfriend filed a restraining order against her. But we hope that she will recover before going to this volcano.

Frankie Muniz

Frankie Muniz is best known for starring in “Malcolm in the Spotlight,” but in the 16 years since the end of this series, Muniz has done quite a lot. Muniz participated in the show “Dancing with the Stars” and appeared as a guest, often in the role of himself, in such shows as “Slow Development” and “Don’t trust the bitch in Apartment 23”, and earned many kind words for his killer appearance in the TV series “The Newcomer in 2021. Muniz is also a racing driver, and he has spoken openly about the concussions and mini-strokes he suffered, which led to quite serious memory loss.

Kim Coles

Kim Coles, who was part of the original cast of In Living Color, will also join the Surreal Life House for its reboot. Coles also played Sinclair James-Jones in the TV series “The Living Loner”, which needs a revival like few others, and most recently he appeared in an episode of the star-studded show “Black Lady” on HBO. Over the years, the comedian has appeared on the celebrity screens of a number of game shows, including Pyramid, Telling the Truth and Hollywood Squares. She also has a history with VH1 when she participated in Celebrity Fit Club in 2005.

C. J. Perry

CJ Perry is better known to professional wrestling fans as Lana, who was one of the many WWE superstars who left in 2021 (and in a rather cruel way) after eight years of participation in the promotion. But Perry is also a singer and actress who starred in the films “Perfect Voice” and “Perfect Voice 2”. Perry is married to another professional wrestler Miro (formerly Rusev in WWE), who left WWE for AEW in 2020. wrestling reality shows Total Divas and Total Bellas, so the “Surreal Life” should be easy.

Manny MUA

Manny MUA is a makeup artist and beauty blogger who became famous thanks to his popular YouTube channel. His makeup lessons led to him becoming the first Maybelline brand ambassador for men, and now he has his own cosmetics line called Lunar Beauty. It will be especially interesting to see what makeup tips Manny MUA and Dennis Rodman will exchange! Manny MUA also recently collaborated with President Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci at a town hall to clarify rumors about COVID vaccinations in 2021.

The pleasure of the original screening of “Surreal Life” is largely due to the wide range of personalities of celebrities living together, and the chemistry that formed between some of the colleagues in the film led to quite a large number of additional series for VH1. What connections will be formed in the revived version of The Surreal Life, and can they lead to even more reality shows? We’ll have to wait and see how the show unfolds. In the meantime, be sure to check out our autumn 2022 TV program to find out what else will be released in the near future.


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