The Revelation of the X-Men’s Immortality Comes with a Final Anti-Mutant Twist


Attention: Spoilers for X-Men: Hellfire Gala 2022 #1!

As news of the X-Men’s immortality spreads across the galaxy, the enemies of the Krakoa, such as the evil Orchids, are already planning ways to undermine the mutant revival as humanity struggles to maintain its place as the dominant species on Earth. Dr. Stasis, who claims to be the real Mr. Sinister, is determined to find ways to capitalize on the mutants’ new immortal status quo.

The revelation of Dr. Stasis’ true identity occurred in X-Men #11, when Cyclops went to confront Stasis after he killed Summers in front of the public, forcing him to assume the identity of Captain Krakoa in order to keep the secret of resurrecting mutants. Stasis is somewhat different from Mr. Sinister from the Quiet Council; he has a club symbol on his head, not the classic Sinister rhombus, and he has shown that he considers himself the real Nathaniel Essex, and Sinister is just an unsuccessful clone who used mutant DNA to make himself relevant.

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The discovery of the immortality of mutants to the world has already had a great impact on Krakoa and the whole Earth, and the main essence of the upcoming AXE: Judgment Day event is based on the fact that the Druig of the Eternals learns about the resurrection of mutants. However, in X-Men: Hellfire Gala 2022 #1 — Jerry Duggan, Russell Dauterman, Chris Anka, C.F. Villa and Matteo Lolli – the Orchis Protocol data page from Dr. Stasis postulates that since all mutants can now be resurrected, any “murder charges against people killing mutants are invalid”. Stasis, exulting in his cruelty, declares that there are currently people in prison for murdering a mutant who should be released, because he and Orchis’ lawyers believe that the worst thing a person can be accused of for murdering a mutant is “destruction of property.” ”

This is obviously a really terrifying precedent, given that the Marvel universe has a long and terrible history of people killing mutants, both individually and as part of the Sentinel program. Nevertheless, that is why Orchis is such a destructive and destructive enemy: they are not just villains with an army, but an insidious organization woven into the public and private sectors of earthly society.

While Krakoa and Arakko are trying to raise mutants above mortality so that they can finally find peace and security, Orchis is determined to show that mutants are actually trying to replace humans, and that humans will only survive if they fight back. Stasis states: “To be honest, it was the most fun time with lawyers that I have ever had. Rather,” clearly hinting that this is not the end of Orchis’ attempts to decriminalize mutant murders. Although many mutants live safely on either Krakoa or Arakko, there are still many mutants who chose to stay in the human world, so Stasis and Orchis’ plan to use mutant immortality to their advantage may cause some real harm to the non-assimilated mutants of Earth.

As the ramifications of the X-Men’s secret about the immortality of mutants begin to spread, the mutants of Krakoa and the Quiet Council will face an increase in hatred and malice on the part of humanity, which are probably brought to a climax Dr. Stasis and Orchis. using the resurrection of mutants for their dark purposes.


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