The Return of the Green Arrow is the CW’s Biggest Missed Opportunity


Warning! Spoilers for Earth-Prime: Hero’s Twilight #6 from DC Comics

The CW Arrowverse takes readers into the future of 2049, into a new era of heroes, and the return of the Green Arrow demonstrates one of the biggest missed opportunities for history. In Earth-Prime: Hero’s Twilight #6 from DC Comics, the fate of Mia Queen is revealed, since the heroine is the Green Arrow of the Future. However, with her role, new appearance and the new fate of her father, Oliver Queen, the comic can’t help but show how The CW let down the new Green Arrow.

Mia Queen is the daughter of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoke, whose character was embodied in the Arrow universe by actress Catherine McNamara. Twenty years later, the Queen accepted her father’s mantle as the new Green Arrow of Star City. McNamara’s Green Arrow was even supposed to star in her own spin-off on the CW called Green Arrow and the Canary Islands, but the series was canceled before it aired, leaving Mia Queen’s fate up in the air. Now comic book readers will find out what happened to the future Green Arrow.

In Earth-Prime: Hero’s Twilight #6 by Jeff Hersh, Thomas Pound, Will Robson, Alex Sinclair and Tom Napolitano from DC Comics, the heroes of 2049 fight the villain Magog, who sends his army of villains, which he collected around the world. they have a mini-series. Among the heroes is the Green Arrow Mia Queen, who returns with a metal arm, helping Nora and Bart destroy the bad guys. In the canonical comic, Green Arrow helps stop Magog and joins the future heroes in their battle.

While it’s nice to see Mia Queen’s Green Arrow in action, with the revelation that Oliver Queen’s Ghost is somehow alive and testing new heroes for a bigger challenge coming soon, it can’t help but feel like the comic is creating a missed opportunity for the hero. The CW currently has no plans or announced a follow-up comic book or live-action project to continue the Earth-Prime crossover, so after seeing Mia kick ass and fight alongside her fellow heroes, who knows when she’ll next pop up. There are rumors that Mia Queen may appear in the final season of The Flash, which is great, but the fact that she is in action further underscores how wonderful a series (or comic book) could be with a new Green Arrow in the title role.

It would be an emotional story to see Mia Queen’s Green Arrow learn that her father is still alive, shaping a new era of heroes in the Arrow Universe. It could still happen, but given that The CW hasn’t shown much interest in continuing the past version of their superhero universe and the new adventures of Green Arrow, completing the epic comic crossover seems like a huge missed opportunity for the future of the Arrowverse.