The return of the Disney World Video shows the time when a cast member drove away an alligator when mountain riders pass nearby.


Walt Disney World Cast members do it all. They are always ready to help you and do everything possible to give each guest a magical experience. We’ve seen how recent actors have protected guests from snakes, and they’re doing a lot to reduce the mosquito problem at Disney World, but it turns out that actors have been fighting more dangerous wild animals for a long time.

An old video was posted on TikTok, which shows a member of the cast of Magic Kingdom dealing with an alligator in a part of Splash Mountain, while guests drive nearby in logs. It’s kind of a wild thing to see and realize that all this was happening where the guests could see. It is unclear exactly when all this happened, although some in the comments refer the video to the early 2000s, judging by what the actor is wearing.

When you walk or drive through Walt Disney Park, it’s easy to forget that this place, which is a model of urban planning, is built on thousands of acres of Florida swamps. While land development certainly mitigates some of the wildlife, there is little that can be done with all the animals. As with the snakes that get all over Disney World, at a certain point all you can do is deal with the animals when you find them.

And of the various forms of wildlife, alligators are certainly among the most important because they are the most dangerous. A few years ago, an alligator killed a little boy in the lagoon of the Seven Seas. Since then, Walt Disney World has stepped up efforts to capture and remove alligators that have entered the territory. You will also find signs warning of the possibility of alligators at almost every reservoir on the territory, although I am not sure that you will see them on Splash Mountain.

I’m sure there are many measures in place to keep alligators out of Splash Mountain. Even if these measures did not exist before this video, they probably appeared after. Of course, Splash Mountain is about to undergo a major design change, so if they want to add additional security measures, it’s about time. Although we expect that in Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, the new version of Splash Mountain, there will be at least one alligator, he plays the trumpet. Louie, a jazz-loving alligator, will be animatronic or visible on the screen. The living will not be part of history.

So thanks to all the actors who don’t let the local wildlife of Florida make our trips to Walt Disney World more dangerous than a roller coaster.


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