The return of Resident Evil Village to a third person indicates two important features of the franchise


Just a month later, Capcom is releasing Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition, which should feature three new content elements: the Shadows of Rose supplement, additional orders from The Mercenaries and a third-person mode. Although the Shadows of Rose DLC expansion has high hopes for the Gold Edition, the third-person mode has also caused some excitement in the Resident Evil community.

It’s no secret that the Resident Evil franchise has changed depending on the point of view in which the games are played. Resident Evil 7 and Village introduced a first-person view in the main parts of the series, which allowed fans to experience a new way of playing. the game Resident evil. However, while the first-person view enhanced the horror aspect, it also had several drawbacks, so adding a third-person mode to Resident Evil Village may signal the franchise’s return to its former form.

Third Person allows players to have a deeper connection with Resident Evil characters

When Capcom released Resident Evil 7 in 2017, players were introduced to a new set of characters led by the main character Ethan Winters. Ethan’s journey continued into Resident Evil Village, making him one of the few main characters in the franchise to appear as a main playable character in consecutive games. However, despite the fact that Ethan has been in the spotlight for a long time, his popularity still lagged behind traditional Resident Evil characters such as Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield and Chris Redfield.

Of course, each player will have their own reasons to love the character. The story, dialogues, and personality are the most important factors influencing a character’s liking. However, there is no doubt that the sight of their faces makes them more real, and not just a vessel that allows players to experience the game. Given this, Ethan’s lack of a head made it difficult to communicate with him, given that most of the time when he was the main character, the players didn’t even know what he looked like. Fortunately, Ethan’s missing head will finally be revealed as soon as Capcom releases a third-person mode in Resident Evil Village.

A third party allows Resident Evil to maintain its popularity

It remains a mystery what perspective Capcom plans to keep for the Resident Evil franchise in the future. However, given the main Resident Evil Village campaign and the upcoming third-person DLC, it’s safe to say that future installments will retain exactly this perspective. At the moment, Capcom has not provided any official explanation for the perspective switch, but it is probably a move aimed at maintaining the popularity of Resident Evil. It’s worth remembering that although Resident Evil belongs to the horror genre, the franchise, with the exception of a few games, is basically survival horror. This means that much of the Resident Evil horror factor stems from how players manage to survive by balancing several gameplay elements to allow the characters to survive the end.

It’s no secret that the big transition from third-person to first-person in Resident Evil Village and 7 has intensified the physical horror experienced by players, given that the first-person view makes players feel like they are actually the ones experiencing everything that happens in the game. terrible things he has to offer. Although both Resident Evil 7 and Village are excellent and successful games, the first—person view has made them less accessible to some players. While the scarier Resident Evil experience isn’t necessarily bad, it’s important to remember that the franchise, unlike most horror games, is mainstream, so it should be accessible to all players, even those who don’t. enjoy an intense horror experience.

Resident Evil Village is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.


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