The Resident Season 5: The medical drama says goodbye to another important character


After more than almost two weeks of absence from episode 16 of the fifth season of The Resident, the Fox television network broadcast the chapter on March 29. However, while viewers were excitedly waiting for him, the sad departure of Trevor Daniels (played by Miles Fowler) has been confirmed after an emotional reunion with his biological mother.

Recall that Trevor has been missing from the show ever since he took time off from the hospital after learning the truth about his biological father and reuniting with his biological mother. But, in episode 16 of the fifth season, his partner Billie Sutton (Jessica Lucas) called him almost daily to get in touch with him and ask him what had happened that he has been absent for a long time.

When Trevor finally called her back, she let him know that she’s in danger of losing her place at Chastain Hospital if she doesn’t return soon, and their meeting in person at the end of the hour revealed how she plans to deal with all the trouble after learning the truth of how his parents had abandoned him and what happened to them. But, he assured that he was no longer sure he wanted to be a doctor.

“Okay, first, I’m not sure I want to be a doctor. I came in for the wrong reasons.”

“Now I got a job in research and development at a biotech startup.”

However, the scene shows that there may be some gaps in his story, considering that he didn’t seem like he was doing that kind of work when he was on the phone with Billie, but he seemed calm and confident in his decision. he. Although his finale wasn’t too bad, fans have been talking about how sad it was because of the subject of his biological parents and the potential that young Trevor had.

Unfortunately, all of this occurs when Trevor and Billie had already formed a strong bond. Trevor likely won’t return as a doctor at Chastain Hospital, but he may be seen one last time in the next episode to visit his birth mother and for a proper send-off with Billie.

Alternatively, whatever he’s working on in research and development could bring him back to Chastain in some capacity. His departure felt pretty final in The Resident season 5 episode 16. It remains to be seen if the producers of the medical drama will bring back actor Miles Fowler as Trevor.